In consideration of the premises and covenants and agreements contained in this Agreement and for good and valuable consideration (the receipt and adequacy of which is acknowledged), the parties agree as follows:

As per TED’s rules: if accepted to speak, the Speaker will not be remunerated in monetary terms or cash. However, in consideration of the Speaker providing services  and strictly complying with the terms of this Agreement, TEDxAungierSt will provide the Speaker with tangible value by way of the following:

  1. Platform: TEDxAungierSt will provide the Speaker with a platform at the Conference from which the Speaker can share his/her important message with the world.
  2. Presentation Training: Through written guides and the efforts of the Producer and volunteers, TEDxAungierSt will endeavor to assist the Speaker to design, develop and deliver a high-quality talk.
  3. “Explainer” Video: TEDxAungierSt will write a script and produce a short “explainer” video that is 30 to 45 seconds long. In this video, the Speaker describes his/her talk. This video will be posted onto the TEDxAungierSt website.
  4. Local Publicity: TEDxAungierSt will use various channels to promote the Speaker:
    • TEDxAungierSt will run a media relations campaign in advance of its Event and the Speaker may be interviewed by producers, journalists, bloggers and podcasters at their discretion;
    • Live audience – TEDxAungierSt will use its best efforts to fill the event up to its 100 attendees’ limit.
    • Livestream – The Conference will be live streamed/webcast to enable the Speaker’s talk to be viewed online, in high-definition, in real-time from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection; viewers will not be charged a fee by TEDxAungierSt to view the Speaker’s talk;
    • Website – The Speaker and her/his talk will be featured on the TEDxAungierSt website https://www.TEDxAungierSt.com/;
    • Program Guide – The Speaker and his/her photo will be featured in the TEDxAungierSt 2023 program guide; and
    • Video – Following editing and uploading, the Speaker’s talk will appear on
  5. Video: TEDxAungierSt will produce, edit and upload a video of the Speaker’s talk to the TEDx YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TEDxTalks. This video will be free to download, republish or share under the Creative Commons License. The Speaker will be allowed to embed this video on his/her website and other media. The Speaker understands that if accepted to speak, he/she has no right to review or approve, or insist that edits be made to this video. If the Speaker requests that changes be made to his/her video and TEDxAungierSt agrees to make these changes at its sole discretion, the cost of the changes will be paid by the Speaker.
  6. Complimentary ticket: The Speaker will receive a complimentary 50% discount on the event’s lowest-price ticket or a discretionary free ticket. A speaker who is a student will receive a complimentary free ticket. The ticket is for the Speaker’s own use. If the speaker requires special assistance, a free pass will also be provided for the accompanying caregiver.
  7. Compliance with TED and TEDxAungierSt Rules: If accepted, the speaker is required to complete all onboarding training, read, sign and return all further provided contracts of agreement within deadlines before being able to present on stage.
  8. Contact and use of data: The speaker will further understand through TED’s extensive resources how their data may be used and will contact the TEDxAungierSt team for further inquiries.