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Aungier Street To The World

From being the birthplace of poet, Thomas Moore in 1779 to its distinguished mentions in James Joyce’s famous Ulysses, Aungier street continues to enshroud a poetic masterpiece as a melting pot of vibrant futuristic culture and an intense history. 

Here is a street that bears intricate stories of busy cross-city commutes, two higher institutions with youth from around the globe, pubs and diverse cuisines, high-end stop shops as well as charity shops, drugstores, grocery stores, and everything in between.

The TEDxAungierSt team is delighted to put on a global show that spotlights the remarkable spirit of this community and its environs. Hosting its first independently organized Not-For-Profit TED event in Dublin, the organizing team aims at engaging the community through a diverse range of ideas challenging the future of our collective humanity. This event is themed Challenging the future: the fusing worlds of arts, science, and technology.

TEDxAungierSt operates under a license from global TED Conferences LLC. (“TED”) through its nominee and lead organizer, Dr. Kosidichimma Anyanwu, and Co-organizer, Fisayo George, and is obligated to comply with the terms of the license including the limitations imposed by it. The event features live talks on a diverse range of topics intended to explore ideas, foster learning, invoke wonder and visionary insights, and provoke conversations that matter.

The first TEDxAungierSt event is billed to take place on Saturday, March 11, 2023. And we need powerhouses who believe that change can originate from Aungier street to the world to sponsor and partner with us.

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